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Jon Wallace

Level 1 Certified WPBSA World Snooker Coach

Jon is an English Level 1 Certified WPBSA World Snooker Coach.

With a BEng (Honours) degree in Mechanical Engineering, he previously worked in the Automotive industry as a Crash Test Engineer developing Automotive Safety Restraints systems. He has played the game of Snooker from a very young age in England and now lives in Toronto where he continues to pursue his passion. He is qualified to coach beginners as well as helping current players progress to a solid intermediate standard. His future plans include gaining Level 2 coaching certification and beyond, whilst also playing to a high standard in Ontario and World Seniors’ Amateur Tour events.

Jon’s goals are to help grow the sport by supporting increased participation from new players, guide existing players to improve their overall skill level, and to develop future Canadian professionals and Champions.


David Puddy

Level 2 Certified WPBSA World Snooker Coach

David has been around the sport of Snooker for over 51 years. It was back in 2016 that he decided it was time to give back to the sport that he has loved all his life. Over the next 2 years he received his International Certification for Coaching and Refereeing, as well as developing an enjoyment for live commentary. He has played in Provincial and Canadian National Championships as a competitor across all of Canada.


David’s biggest joy comes from coaching the junior players. This is the level of player that really has the highest level of excitement for the game.


He currently has the pleasure of coaching students that are playing at different levels. One of them aims to win the Canadian Open, another wants to win the Indian National Championship, and one 70-year-old Woman, who has never played before, who simply wants to beat the men at her Seniors centre.